utorok 1. októbra 2019


 Stalinist God

dark ambient/ martial industrial / surealism / noise / power electronics

Stalinist God emerges again, this time on vinyl edition! The spirit on 40thies and 50thies, suffocating atmosphere and totalitarian reminiscences now sound most authentically! 

Stalinist God does not represent a personality, nor idea/myth, nor any form of transcendental being.
Stalinist God is a status.
A state of power that creates a blind alley for all ideologies and regimes.

When your propaganda reach the maximal success and you became a God per se, you must just sound your trumpet for apocalypse and destroy everything you have created.

Released as cooperation with labels involved: Pravěk Noise Section, Grom&Lord Records , WOOAAARGH, Noise Maffia, Debila records

Vinyl is being released in paper cover + fotozine (Stalinist God at Duchcov)
ltd 250x black vinyl 

Listen and download on bandcamp