piatok 1. decembra 2023



black metal / raw black metal / punk black metal

Blasts, beer! Dirty and musty black metal from Svidník, Slovakia.
Teufelsmaeuer is a black metal revelation in punk waters. A blasphemous powercouple from bands like Obliterate, Absolutna Nula undermining christ's bare feet while Panzerfaust plays in the background.
intro/outro from Koleso Nešťastia.
It is released on a black cassette - not only the new album and but also both demos, which one can recognize from Pant y meddygon.
Still more metal than punk - blastbeats and nerves.

tape duplication - Headless Duplicated Tapes

ltd 49pcs 

SKY053_Do Shaska! - Rosenkranzlieder / live 1997

dark ambient / occult / tribal industrial / hexendisco

The beginnings of the band Do Shaska! date back to 1989, when in Ústí nad Labem, Czechia, members of local punk bands formed a group with enthusiasm for wild industrial performances. Over the years, the number of members of the group has relatively stabilized, and since the mid-90s we find more and more electronics and less and less guitars, bass guitars and drum sets in their music. From the recordings we can hear the influences of tribal, elegant ambient, industrial, classical.. Magnificent oboes and to beautiful cymbals.. synths, samplers and drum machines. To categorize the latest act Do Shaska!, which we proudly present to you, is difficult. Words or genre boxes are just empty concepts. The songs from this extraordinary album shine like beautiful sound mosaics in the image of colored stained glass windows illuminated by the moonlight. The brightness permeates the silence of the cathedral, where the beating of wings, somewhere under the roof, tells you where the limits of music are. Play the preview. Listen to it. As a motif, the text of Georg Trakl's poem "Rosary songs - Discourse on higher systems" winds through the album. As a bonus material for this album, you can listen to a recording from the 1997 Prague concert... and here you have the tribal and the industrial again:))
On the visual side, the album is complemented by the wonderful oil paintings by Michal Nagypál. Roll your eyes!!
It´s published in a limited edition on a red cassette with a beautiful design

The release of this album has been supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council and Malografia - thanx.

tape duplication - Headless Duplicated Tapes


streda 1. marca 2023

SKY052_THE HOUSE - Horror Tribute Collection

atmospheric black metal / soundtrack music / horror music 

The House is one of the many names of Vladimir Pavelka (Cult Of Fire, Death Karma ...).
As a small child, he watched Evil Dead on a VHS tape by accident. It left him scared, but he also started to be fascinated with death and horror films. At the age of 17, he stole his school's money and used it to buy his first guitar. It was clear that he wasn't going to play folk songs but something darker and more terrifying. At 19, he began working in a morgue where his fascination with death deepened to such an extent that it became his daily routine and a part of his life to this day. Now you can enjoy his tribute to famous horror soundtracks and films.
Let there be death and horror!

It´s published in a limited edition of 100 pcs on a black cassette in transparent jewel case with paper O-card and 7panel J-card, with cover artwork from Oh Yeong-Rok (Big Katze Design).
Co-released with Beyond Eyes Productions

The release of this album has been supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council and malografia - thanx.

tape duplication - Headless Duplicated Tapes

ltd to 100 pcs


tribal industrial / rhytmic / esoteric ambient / martial industrial / muslimgauze legacy

Arabian Family Payback x Blind Ruler Cursed Land
is experience & historical documentary conceptual split album dealing with the conflict in the Holy land.

Arabian Family Payback (SVK) reveals the shades of suffering, struggle and legacy of Palestinian Muslims by monolithic tribal industrial rhythmic soundscapes naturally close to Muslimgauze’s legacy.

Blind Ruler Cursed Land (CZ) performs esoteric ambient mixed with martial industrial approach dealing with early Zionistic partisan resistance (the groups like Lehi/Stern gang) as well as contemporary “blind alley” status of Israel-Palestinian conflict.

released in cooperation with Debila records and Radek Buldra.

The release of this album has been supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council, Vinyl Lab and malografia - thanx.

Limited to 250 pieces of 12" vinyl
71x black 
29x white
150x various colours/marbled


utorok 20. decembra 2022

SKY050_SIKSA / CSSABA - palemosty nielegal

electronics / rap / black metal / experimental / performance poetry / punk

The story behind this small record by polish experimental punk duo SIKSA called „palemosty nielegal” is quite odd (but exactly odd as SIKSA herself). This material is fully based on stolen music from Nihil’s (mostly known as a member of polish black metal band Furia) solo project CSSABA called “Like A Se E Ea Gull” released previously on vinyl in 2010. SIKSA found this record, took this instrumental electronic/industrial and without making any changes in music, overdub the vocals and released it again with new name and cover. Since then, Nihil/CSSABA album became an background for rap/storytelling of SIKSA. "palemosty" is a sacrilegious and conceptual/postmodern act where metal, electronic music, rap and punk meets each other.

Lyrics on this album are a first person surreal crime story about SIKSA’s hometown Gniezno in one night around Christmas time, when everybody is coming back to the city for a short visit: friends, enemies and ghosts. Poem about small city which is exactly the same as other small cities around the world, poem about hatred and love, contempt and salvation.

Previously released only in digital format in february 2019.

It´s published in a limited edition of 67 pcs on a white cassette in transparent jewel case with 8panel J-card with lyrics.

It's released on a cassette as a birthday present for Alexis.

ltd 67pcs
7€ - 


streda 30. novembra 2022

SKY049_V​/​A ~ Czech and Slovak Dungeon Synth Compilation


dungeon synth/ forest ambient / black metal / fantasy 

Czechoslovak Dungeonsynth Compilation
Sky Burial invites you to listen to 90 minutes of dungeon darkness. For the very first time, listeners can descend within the Czechoslovak cultural landscape into the depressing catacombs, musty dungeons and sacred caves from ancient and recent legends, rumors and historical stories. The rattling of swords, the rustling of forests, the wildness of thunder, the howling of the melusina, the longing gaze to the starry sky, heroism and ancient alliances. 10 projects from various places in Bohemia and Slovakia, ten approaches and ten promises of new adventures. So don't hesitate to enter the magical world outside the door of your house.

It´s published in a limited edition of 113 pcs on a violet cassette in transparent jewel case with paper O-card (black print on black paper) and 12pages booklet, with cover artwork from Filip Smrž.

The release of this album has been supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council and malografia 

ltd 113 x tape 
listen & download on bandcamp 

nedeľa 20. novembra 2022

SKY046_VYŠEHRAD - .:tunely / tunnels:.


lo-fi black metal / dungeon synth / martial industrial / ambient 

The recordings were made from January to May 2022. They reveal the story of a journey into the depths of the earth and underground tunnels, in which a way out / elsewhere is sought - to better worlds, places and times. The theme of corridors, transitional (liminal) spaces thus runs through the entire recording.The album, in addition to ten original songs, also contains several covers. Three songs by Burzum, which I consider to be the musical root of the whole genre - the journey into the interior of the country leads of course around the roots, and also the cover of the song Spring Melting by the folk-tramp band Brontosaurs, which describes the relationship between the individual and nature the modern world that surrounds us. This song is also a way inside. It also underlines the parallel essence of both genres of Tramp music and Black metal - the relationship to nature, the free movement of space, the heroism of real heroes and the fates of ordinary people. When producing and recording, I tried to use as many old devices as possible again. A substantial part of the album was also created when I did not have a computer, and it relied only on hardware tools and tape recording. I then extended this shift to songs that were not originally affected. Of the traditional instruments, of course, there are nintendo-ds, many tape-loops, or electric and acoustic guitar.

It´s published in a limited edition of 67 pcs on a snow transparent cassette in transparent jewel case with paper O-card and inlay with trackist, graphic from Filip Smrž and 4 pictures of caves.
Physical product - the cassette was released by Sky Burial Production in 2022.

ltd 67x tape
listen & download on bandcamp