utorok 5. januára 2021

SKY040_OWLSILAR GATE - Gate, Far Away


dungeon synth / forest ambient / fantasy

This is the first journey through the Owlsilar realm forest gate.
Owsilar Gate is a dungeon synth / forest ambient.

For fans of Mortiis, Burzum or Summoning.

It´s published in a limited edition of 33 pcs on a blue transparent cassette in a colored paper box with attached graphics by Lajos Csordák (approx. 1890-1930).

ltd 33x tape 
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nedeľa 20. decembra 2020




medieval folk / dungeon synth / ethereal / field recording

Budeč is a solo project by Olaf Olafsonn inspired by medieval folk music, dungeon synth aesthetic and the field recorded practice. The debut album was produced in only in a month  around the turn of November and December 2020 in the Gates of Hell Studio, located right below the former settlement of Budeč. All instruments were performed by the author, with female soprano vocals recorded inside the rotunda of St. Peter and Paul on Budeč Hill. 

In the first week of December, the first video for the single Gloria, directed by Jiří Schlesinger, was released at Budeč’s youtube channel. The video consists solely of the pictures of the Budeč settlement and its nearest surroundings and it sticks to the DIY aesthetic – no one else was involved in making it. 


The name of the album, 895 spelled in roman numerals, is highly symbolic, signifying the founding year of the rotunda of St. Peter and Paul by the Bohemian ruler Spytihněv I. The year of the establishing of the rotund is also the symbolic beginning of a new musical project. The symbol of nativity is present in three forms– in terms of its form, DCCCXCV is a Christmas “Messe”, based on the Latin “Messe ordinarium”. The album contains seven compositions in a strict order and tells the story of shepherds who heard the angel‘s voice and started their journey to welcome the Redeemer. Pastoral motives are symbolised by flutes and drums and, on the other side of the spectrum, the musical markers of the Higher Power are symbolised by synthetisers and female vocals. The whole recording is underpinned by the soundscape of the Budeč hill recorded in December 2020.

The album has been released as a digital record and a special prolonged audio cassette edition on 20 December  2020 by Sky Burial. 

Released on a blue tape in a paper box with silver cards with graphic.

ltd 49x tape
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sobota 3. októbra 2020

SKY038_DSM-IV-TR 302.9


psycho / dark ambient / necro industrial / noise 

As Wikipedia says: "DSM-IV codes are the classification found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision, also known as DSM-IV-TR, a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that includes almost all currently recognized mental health disorders".

Compulsion, seeking for victim, kidnapping, sadistic murder, postmortem rape and mutilation, pleasure, orgasm, cuddling with body parts and intestines, deadly stench...
Here you can listen how it maybe sounds inside the brain of a sick necrophiliac serial killer..

Released on a black tape in a paper box with 4 cards with harsh graphics (18+).

Mu-sick by Vladimír Pavelka (Cult of Fire, Death Karma, Černý Kov ...)

ltd 49x tape
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KURVIK19 are Ondrey Zintaer (bass guitar and effects) and Áďa (alt saxophone and bass clarinet). During these 20 minutes they present a comprehensive conceptual album of eight songs, where the melodies are not frightened by the noise, and the noises are not removed by the melodies. Like old friends who haven't seen each other for a long time. They walk through the funeral procession and funny stories crawl into their minds.Prepare your ears for this free-jazz-noise burial-feast.
Released on a picturesque red transparent cassette in a paper box. The beautiful pictures were drawn by dude Erik.

ltd 49x tape
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streda 5. augusta 2020

utorok 16. júna 2020

SKY036_IL VUOTO & UGFC - withoutbreathing

atmospheric post funeral doom / neofolk / industrial / drone ambient / surrealism
This is a collaborative observation of discomfort, perdition and noise unique piece of two atmospheric doomy compositions in old-world romantic vibes apocalyptic folk drone.
Both tracks are based on artist permeation running from 2017 to this quarantine Spring.

Soryu was one of Japanese carriers sunk at battle of Midway, WWII  
In few minutes the hope for wining the war was lost.
To sink together with their ship meant matter of honor for the captains thus Soryu commander Ryusaku Yanagimoto stayed on the board as story tells, he was extraordinarily liked and respected within the crews so they sent one seaman who was champion of sumo wrestling to take him away, even by force the seaman came to bridge and had seen Yanagimoto in the state of meditative blessed quiescence no one can dare to break this state so the champion left the bridge and Soryu with Yanagimoto drowned.

Released in limited edition of 49 pcs in recycled paper box with card. 
ltd 49 x tape 
6€ - 
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štvrtok 4. júna 2020


techno / idm / elecronics / hardcore / edm  / atari
Paralyzed stroboscope as a consequence of a sonic narrative.

The ZVAR contains symmetrical alternation of forms of techno and idm music. In a spiral, the individual tracks are mirrored and contrasted. They try to transform the wavy and liquid bodies into a dance stage, but not just there.

Bar is set high. Do you like a top down view? The most beautiful part of a jump, is the small curve that body makes, when cought between two opposite physical forces. The center of a sine wave is the point zero. Point of a pure abstraction. The sense of depth is predominant in this perspective - spreading itself through a whole horizon, If we transfer this image into a soundscape, we get something similar to a drum beat. Wonder of simplicity! We’re hearing repeating strokes. Humungous, iron hammer falls vertically, drill and torch are leaving deep furrow in molten metal.  Everything that was, is going to be, but never in the way, it had been. Probably  a rule of composition. This project is mysterious. Who is the winged player? Who’s opener and who is slave in this game?  
Released in limited edition of 24 pcs in pvc case on a texic-green cassette.
ltd 24 x tape 
6€ - 

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