streda 30. novembra 2022

SKY049_V​/​A ~ Czech and Slovak Dungeon Synth Compilation


dungeon synth/ forest ambient / black metal / fantasy 

Czechoslovak Dungeonsynth Compilation
Sky Burial invites you to listen to 90 minutes of dungeon darkness. For the very first time, listeners can descend within the Czechoslovak cultural landscape into the depressing catacombs, musty dungeons and sacred caves from ancient and recent legends, rumors and historical stories. The rattling of swords, the rustling of forests, the wildness of thunder, the howling of the melusina, the longing gaze to the starry sky, heroism and ancient alliances. 10 projects from various places in Bohemia and Slovakia, ten approaches and ten promises of new adventures. So don't hesitate to enter the magical world outside the door of your house.

It´s published in a limited edition of 113 pcs on a violet cassette in transparent jewel case with paper O-card (black print on black paper) and 12pages booklet, with cover artwork from Filip Smrž.

The release of this album has been supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council and malografia 

ltd 113 x tape 
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nedeľa 20. novembra 2022

SKY046_VYŠEHRAD - .:tunely / tunnels:.


lo-fi black metal / dungeon synth / martial industrial / ambient 

The recordings were made from January to May 2022. They reveal the story of a journey into the depths of the earth and underground tunnels, in which a way out / elsewhere is sought - to better worlds, places and times. The theme of corridors, transitional (liminal) spaces thus runs through the entire recording.The album, in addition to ten original songs, also contains several covers. Three songs by Burzum, which I consider to be the musical root of the whole genre - the journey into the interior of the country leads of course around the roots, and also the cover of the song Spring Melting by the folk-tramp band Brontosaurs, which describes the relationship between the individual and nature the modern world that surrounds us. This song is also a way inside. It also underlines the parallel essence of both genres of Tramp music and Black metal - the relationship to nature, the free movement of space, the heroism of real heroes and the fates of ordinary people. When producing and recording, I tried to use as many old devices as possible again. A substantial part of the album was also created when I did not have a computer, and it relied only on hardware tools and tape recording. I then extended this shift to songs that were not originally affected. Of the traditional instruments, of course, there are nintendo-ds, many tape-loops, or electric and acoustic guitar.

It´s published in a limited edition of 67 pcs on a snow transparent cassette in transparent jewel case with paper O-card and inlay with trackist, graphic from Filip Smrž and 4 pictures of caves.
Physical product - the cassette was released by Sky Burial Production in 2022.

ltd 67x tape
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utorok 25. januára 2022

SKY045_OWLSILAR GATE - Through The Gate Of Frost


dungeon synth / forest ambient / fantasy

The second gate has been opened - Owlsilar Gate - journey continues, in the scream of the wind, in the smell of frost.

--- Through The Gate Of Frost ---
The wind is crying over the snow plain
My steps lead to the forest on its horizon
To pine trees remembering the past
To the chambers of sleeping trees
Where the presence is shattered
Beyond all time
In the scream of the wind, in the smell of frost
Behind one of the gates - the gate of frost

For fans of Mortiis, Burzum, Wongraven or Summoning.

It´s published in a limited edition of 49 pcs on a snow transparent cassette in a colored paper box with attached graphics by Lajos Csordák and one sticker.

ltd 49x tape 
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and we made a small reedition of the first album 
Owlsilar Gate - Gate, Far Away - limited edition of 24 pieces. - 7€ 

both tapes for 13€ 

streda 17. novembra 2021

SKY044_sea of the trees ~ untitled sea x the blackwood incident

dark ambient/ drone ambient / modular electronics /experimental

sea of the trees is a mutual project of Jori Josiphson (also known from untitled sea) and Dominik Novák (The blackwood incident), who combine acoustic instrument of European organ and electronics. Both Gentlemen share love for modular synths and long droning sounds, and you can expect both those elements to take part in their collaboration. Light, intertwined frequencies create refined tonal mosaics enriched with multiple repetitive ornaments.

The narration follows an individual in Japan forest Aokigahara, also known as Jukai, which is well known for its historical significance. Even in old folk tales is Aokigahara represented as an home of yūrei – Spirits of the Dead. Since the 60ties has Aokigahara been associated with suicide – thus the nickname ‘Suicide Forest’, as it’s became one of the places, that people willing to end their lives prematurely, seek the most.

Dark topic of Aokigahara forest inspired authors, not to glorify it, but to show the importance and depth of the issue.

It´s published in a limited number of 49 pcs on a green-gliter cassette in transparent jewel case with nice graphic from Blooming Stones on green paper.


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piatok 5. novembra 2021

SKY048_untitled sea - [nús]

minimal / drone / ambient / neoclassical

Nús / νοῦς is the rational cause of „being there“. It is an ordering force in cosmos and directive intelligence in nature which gives an orderto what would otherwise be a chaotic universe... a soul of all subjects... the Cosmic Mind. (Anaxagoras)

Nús is the new album of the project Untitled sea. It contains minimalist compositions for piano, cello and electromagnetic field recordings.
The tones flow freely through the Space and it feels like waking up to a beautiful sunny day, just to lie on the bed and watch the dust swirlling in the light.
Simplicity and lightness. Repetitive motifs and the quiet pulsation of the universe circling around you.

Nús is an immortal rational aspect of the soul. This side of Cosmic mind operates a reasonable order into the universe.
It is a divine way of thinking that sees the correctness of the conclusions without need to understand the premises. (Plato)

"Music that is minimal music that is transcendental and existential that is ambient ... and drone. All connected in one." ― Jori

― album [nús] treats of understanding, transcendental perception and comprehension of universe...
of multiverse...
of God...
and of a man who wants to find the meaning of life and his simple happiness.

Released on a snow-white tape with graphic.
ltd 49x tape
7,77 €
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piatok 6. augusta 2021


medieval atmospheric black metal

Zmyrna = myrrh (incense used in religious and funeral rituals).

Zmyrna is also a poem of Gaius Helvius Cinna about incestous love.

This is the debut EP of Czecho-Slovakian trio based in Prague playing Medieval Black Metal which is significant with a combination of clean ceremonial and orthodox Black Metal screaming. The buzzing chainsaw-esque guitars are accompanied with mid-paced, groovy and partly still varied style of drumming, with occasional use of flute in some parts. The main inspiration for lyrics is the atmosphere of medieval life and mysticism of those times.

Regular 350 gsm jacket with inside flooded in red. 140g black vinyl, 45 rpm. Same tracks on both sides.
Limited to 250 copies, released in cooperation with Hexencave productions.

Cover art by Master of Spišská Kapitula, 1480-1490.

13 evr0 - 

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