pondelok 3. septembra 2018


HYDRAULITER (czechia/slovakia)

"Na kraji lesa 
z popod ulity 
smrdí síra

Hydrauliter nesie smetie 
Hydrauliter zamorí dvor 
Hydrauliter všetka uroda zhorí 
Hydrauliter valí sa z hôr"

Hydrauliter is a hydra from Kysuce. Falling from the mountains grinding everything down - primarily your auditory apparatus. Pleasantly hasty, no longer than 25 minutes long and sincere musical mixture ranging from hardcore punk to screaming atmospheric post-black metal. 
Amazing expressive lyrics in Slovak and cassette design by Bátorek.
Available on a tape limited to 49 pieces in a paper box including 6 cards with the lyrics and small 8-piece puzzle on the other side + 2 stickers.

Listen and download on bandcamp

streda 18. apríla 2018

štvrtok 8. februára 2018

SKY026_MY LIVE EVIL - Próra v Tyči


„My Live Evil - project created by Miroslav Tóth and Alexander Platzner - is dedicated to infinite layering of extreme saxophone performances and mixing of samples, cut-outs - deformed parts of the highest and lowest musical depths, thus the enrichments of European musical culture. 
Próra v Tyči” is one in the series of My Live Evil’s concerts and definitely the most symphonic one. Title is a reference to “Prora” - a megalomaniac beach resort built by Nazis on a German island Rügen. “What kind of music did the relaxing Nazis listened on the beaches of Baltic Sea, while killing was spreading all around the world?” -that was the basic question and My live Evil presents the answer in the limit of just few minutes, as a complex mix of different musical tendencies. When we founded My Live Evil in 2013, we were anticipating that brown manure was just about to throw up its violent and crazy bullshit by the means of social-political influence. In the end, this work is just re-living of this awe-inspiring trauma, that sadly, we were right that time.
On the album “Próra v tyči” songs like Gainsbourg´s ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, Mesing´s ‘Blutrote Rose’ – favourites of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, or works of Anton Bruckner and Richard Wagner performed by Nazis are set into completely different context. Experienced composers/performers Tóth and Platzner use this disgraced pieces as the basis for layering of robust noise planes, created by saxophones and huge DIY tubes – bazookas.
During the concerts laws of gravitation, as well as the comprehension of performative act were broken by the pole dancer Shiva.“ (miro toth)

anti- graphic from Erik (už bolo dosť/DRÉN).

LTD 100pcs CD in DVD-digipack
7 €-

SKY025_SEMAI / 777 BABALON - split

SEMAI (czechia)
777 BABALON (slovakia)

The split album of Semai and 777 Babalon is a confrontation of two phenomenal projects of the Czechoslovak scene, both having years of experience. Industrial rhythms create a distorted soundtrack, which accompanies the visions of a world deserted after a destructive catharsis in the music of Semai. This then proceeds through the collaboration of both projects into indifferent, arid soundscapes of 777 Babalon, who close their part with an audio recording of an ordeal transcending space and time. A must-have for all those who follow these two experimental bands.
ltd 100pcs CD - DVD-digipak
7€ -


GEN26 (slovenia)

Croatian experimental noise project The Karmakumulator is presenting 2009-2013 materials conducted into a single song, totally rearranged and deranged cover of Satan Panonski classic song “Tiho/Bajka” (only lyrics resemble the original a little bit). Haunting electronics and obscure out rock guitar work meet claustrophobic ambience and scraps of sounds done in 7-piece line up for this expanded 2018 version for your occult audio dinner. 

Gen 26 from Slovenia explores instrumental power electronics in monolithic and static HNW song “Sonic Outbursts Of Modern-day Capitalism” recorded late 2017. 

Great combination brings the contrast of two extreme music activists from this part of Europe packaged in beautiful color artwork and limited 7" vinyl printed on superb sounding plastic in three color variations: black/white marbled, clear white and clear orange.
Released in a friendly collaboration between 16 labels/organizations:
[&] (SI), Bučni Stripovi (HR), Dare the Divine (HR), Debila Records (SI), F.O.A.D. Records (IT), Grobarluk Records (HR), Guranje s Litice (HR), IKS Festival (HR), Ill In The Head (CAN), Kekere Aquarium (HR), Kulturno umjetnička udruga Uzgon (HR), No Profit Recordings (HR), Pravěk Noise Section (CZ), Slušaj Najglasnije! (HR), Sky Burial Productions (SK), SweetOhm Recordings (GR). 
listening and download on bandcamp

Ltd 270pcs (90 black/white marbled, 90 clear white, 90 clear orange).

7€ -

štvrtok 31. augusta 2017

SKY024_KROLOK - Flying Above Ancient Ruins

KROLOK (sk) - Flying Above Ancient Ruins
atmospheric black metal

... a narrow nose like a beak of a predator, high arched forehead, hair growing scantily round the temples, but profusely elsewhere. His eyebrows were very massive, almost meeting over the nose. The mouth, so far as I could see it under the heavy moustache, was fixed and rather cruel-looking, with peculiarly sharp white teeth; these protruded over the lips, whose remarkable ruddiness showed astonishing vitality in a man of his years. His ears were pale and at the tops extremely pointed, the chin was broad and strong, and the cheeks firm though thin. The general effect was one of extraordinary pallor…
Krolok was our first release under Sky Burial label and after a lot of demos and EPs we finally got a full album from them.
The theme of transylvania, night creatures, vampires, werewolfs and drinking of blood...
This album is out for some time in LP, CD, MC at Hexencave label and is experiencing great success all over the world - now we are offering an album in a special limited edition with design from SVJATOGOR - you can enjoy 6 different graphics made by xylographic technique and you can grab an original from 72pcs into your collection.

72x cassettes in paper box with original design + 6 cards with graphics + lyrics


industrial free-jazz-noise 

Is a solid and at the same time fragile substance in unstable state, formed by cooling of the melt.
The crack spreads at speed of 1.3km per second.
Glass refracts light.
If we want to photograph this event, we have to make a photo every millionth of a second.
Glass is harder than steel.
In the formations with drums, altsaxophone, guitar, vocals and electronics one of the best albums of this great Ostrava band! It is a great honor to take part in the process of its creation.
The beautiful clear design was created by Jiri Volejnik just like he did with the last split Sklo + Defektro.

149x CD - DVD-digipack
7 €-