utorok 1. októbra 2019


 Stalinist God

dark ambient/ martial industrial / surealism / noise / power electronics

Stalinist God emerges again, this time on vinyl edition! The spirit on 40thies and 50thies, suffocating atmosphere and totalitarian reminiscences now sound most authentically! 

Stalinist God does not represent a personality, nor idea/myth, nor any form of transcendental being.
Stalinist God is a status.
A state of power that creates a blind alley for all ideologies and regimes.

When your propaganda reach the maximal success and you became a God per se, you must just sound your trumpet for apocalypse and destroy everything you have created.

Released as cooperation with labels involved: Pravěk Noise Section, Grom&Lord Records , WOOAAARGH, Noise Maffia, Debila records

Vinyl is being released in paper cover + fotozine (Stalinist God at Duchcov)
ltd 250x black vinyl 

Listen and download on bandcamp

SKY030_V RUKOU OSUDU - Chronos

V RUKOU OSODU (cz) - Chronos
sludge / funeral doom / slow tempo / metal


The merciless Czech sludge/funeral doom commando V RUKOU OSUDU finally releases its new tape, CHRONOS! 
VxRxOx is a project run by members of the excellent black metal band LICHENS, but here we speak of a bit different music... slow tempo, grave atmosphere and tangible evil. The tape contains 5 songs of almost 40 minutes of sluggish, loud, ruthless ooze, which slowly swallows you alive. If you like feedbacks, thunderous guitars, a very heavy atmosphere and lyrics contemplating the meaning of life, this is your right choice .
Mastering was done by Šaman (v0nt, marnost, gattaca, špína).
Comes out in a limited edition of 49 copies in a paper box with lyrics/graphicsl on 5 cards 
beautiful graphics by Déé Géé.
ltd 49x tape 
6€ - 

pondelok 10. decembra 2018

SKY029_HOROLOGIUM - Atavistic Americana

Atavistic Americana

post industrial / dark ambient / martial / neoclassic

Polish musician Grzegorz Siedlecki's album Atavistic Americana with the project HOROLOGIUM is finally out after a long time. 
The album is on the verge of post-industrial/dark ambient with martial industrial and neoclassical. Strong rhythms but also broody atmospheres. 
Powerful sound mastering was done by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. 
Graphic design was created by Nenad Branković (Metrom, БРАДА, Atraneia). 
It comes out in a 150 copy edition of black vinyl with a beautifully serigraphy print on 700gram (porn) black paper cover.
20€ - 

SKY028_RAWCVLT - Premonitions Of Horrible Things To Come

RAWCVLT (slovakia)
Premonitions Of Horrible Things To Come
black metal / raw / atmospheric 

Rawcvlt is by now already a Slovak black metal classic from the underground waters, established in 2011. After two demos and one split with 777 Babalon comes a debut full-length titled: 
"Premonitions of Horrible Things to Come". 
Straightforward black metal with a cruel relentless atmosphere in almost 40 minutes of length. 
It comes as a tape limited to 67 copies in a paper box with 7 cards including graphics and lyrics.
5€ - 

pondelok 3. septembra 2018


HYDRAULITER (czechia/slovakia)

"Na kraji lesa 
z popod ulity 
smrdí síra

Hydrauliter nesie smetie 
Hydrauliter zamorí dvor 
Hydrauliter všetka uroda zhorí 
Hydrauliter valí sa z hôr"

Hydrauliter is a hydra from Kysuce. Falling from the mountains grinding everything down - primarily your auditory apparatus. Pleasantly hasty, no longer than 25 minutes long and sincere musical mixture ranging from hardcore punk to screaming atmospheric post-black metal. 
Amazing expressive lyrics in Slovak and cassette design by Bátorek.
Available on a tape limited to 49 pieces in a paper box including 6 cards with the lyrics and small 8-piece puzzle on the other side + 2 stickers.

Listen and download on bandcamp