nedeľa 9. mája 2021

SKY043_BARTEK - Cpal Nanuq

techno / breakcore / electronics / tekno


Cpal Nanuq by BARTEK is now released and available for you on cassette/download. Enjoy!
The cassette was co-released by Urbsoundsound collective.
Mastered by RBNX
Cover art and design Lucia Šimkova

ltd 25x tape 
download and buy digital album on Urbsounds label pls


piatok 12. februára 2021



split album 
harsh noise / experimental / noise / deep techno / techno 

12022021 is a beautiful palindrome ... on this special date also arises a split album of 2 musicians from 1 city, who are also connected by an identical name. On one side -  harsh noise, on the other hand, slow and heavy techno is spinning.
Ondrey Zintaer began creating under the pseudonym | ONNN |. In this magical split, he brings you four noise compositions, plus one bonus song from PANCAGE, which Zintaer only finely colored the sound. Zintaer's compositions were created about a year ago during the the first wave of the pandemic in the beginning of quarantine. Maybe that's the reason for their hard stature as the soundtrack of gray visions of unfortunate tomorrows.

The other side is ruled by / ONNN / who will guide the listener to a dark techno floating to the greatest depths. 5 tracks are the selection from the best material produced so far!

It´s published in a limited number of 49 pcs in 2 variants of folding a paper box. A box with a card including tracklist and 3 stickers.
artwork : Zuzana Sabová

ltd 49x tape 
6€ -  
listen and download on bandcamp

Among other things, the guys met on one stage in a larger collaboration -> we recommend! -

utorok 2. februára 2021


lo-fi black metal / dungeon synth / ambient / martial 


here is another invitation to dreamy landscapes, living myths, ancient cities, tournaments, battles, other time perspectives and the beauties of solitude - album ᛒ. 

The world of Vyšehrad invites you to enter its gates through a third album / cassette. 

When recording, I used organic lo-fi techniques again. In contrast to the "I", the main change here is the use of live guitar. Another significant difference is the effort to more specifically define the sound of Vyšehrad without a primarily epigonic overlap into the past of genres. 

The raw reference to the old-black atmosphere, which I achieved this time mainly through the targeted use of "incorrectly" beginnings and ends of songs (cuts in / out), is probably filled with the last song "Black Dog". This track was created at the beginning of 2019, as the very first act of Vyšehrad. I placed it in the collection not only because, in my opinion, it fills the desired raw / lofi atmosphere, but it also works in contrast to other songs that were created in the last six months. 

Last but not least, the song is also because it was the one that provoked positive and supportive reactions from my friends, whom I addressed at the beginning of the project with demo-materials. Now they, my friends, as the people I respect, are part of this subtle tribute. 
The "Black Dog" together with the opening song "Zora" frame the whole, as a sequence beginning with a light ecstasy and a feeling of solitude on the tops of the mountains, which leads to a tragically beautiful end. Otherwise, the story, which takes place between songs, lyrics and graphics, is again purely on the imagination of the listeners. 

Physical product - the cassette was released by Sky Burial Production in 2021. Together with ᛒ, a re-edition of the cassette with the album "I." from last year is also published. 

The landscape of my world stands apart from good and evil. It is a piece of land where the gods are still celebrated and honor belongs to the heroes. My strange world. 

Together with ᛒ, a re-edition of the cassette with the album "I." from last year is also published.
ltd 49x tape 
ᛒ - 7€
I. - 6€ 
2cassettes - ᛒ + I. (re-release) = 13€ 
listen and download on bandcamp

utorok 5. januára 2021

SKY040_OWLSILAR GATE - Gate, Far Away


dungeon synth / forest ambient / fantasy

This is the first journey through the Owlsilar realm forest gate.
Owsilar Gate is a dungeon synth / forest ambient.

For fans of Mortiis, Burzum or Summoning.

It´s published in a limited edition of 33 pcs on a blue transparent cassette in a colored paper box with attached graphics by Lajos Csordák (approx. 1890-1930).

ltd 33x tape 
listen and download on bandcamp

nedeľa 20. decembra 2020




medieval folk / dungeon synth / ethereal / field recording

Budeč is a solo project by Olaf Olafsonn inspired by medieval folk music, dungeon synth aesthetic and the field recorded practice. The debut album was produced in only in a month  around the turn of November and December 2020 in the Gates of Hell Studio, located right below the former settlement of Budeč. All instruments were performed by the author, with female soprano vocals recorded inside the rotunda of St. Peter and Paul on Budeč Hill. 

In the first week of December, the first video for the single Gloria, directed by Jiří Schlesinger, was released at Budeč’s youtube channel. The video consists solely of the pictures of the Budeč settlement and its nearest surroundings and it sticks to the DIY aesthetic – no one else was involved in making it. 


The name of the album, 895 spelled in roman numerals, is highly symbolic, signifying the founding year of the rotunda of St. Peter and Paul by the Bohemian ruler Spytihněv I. The year of the establishing of the rotund is also the symbolic beginning of a new musical project. The symbol of nativity is present in three forms– in terms of its form, DCCCXCV is a Christmas “Messe”, based on the Latin “Messe ordinarium”. The album contains seven compositions in a strict order and tells the story of shepherds who heard the angel‘s voice and started their journey to welcome the Redeemer. Pastoral motives are symbolised by flutes and drums and, on the other side of the spectrum, the musical markers of the Higher Power are symbolised by synthetisers and female vocals. The whole recording is underpinned by the soundscape of the Budeč hill recorded in December 2020.

The album has been released as a digital record and a special prolonged audio cassette edition on 20 December  2020 by Sky Burial. 

Released on a blue tape in a paper box with silver cards with graphic.

ltd 49x tape
listen and download on bandcamp

sobota 3. októbra 2020

SKY038_DSM-IV-TR 302.9


psycho / dark ambient / necro industrial / noise 

As Wikipedia says: "DSM-IV codes are the classification found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision, also known as DSM-IV-TR, a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that includes almost all currently recognized mental health disorders".

Compulsion, seeking for victim, kidnapping, sadistic murder, postmortem rape and mutilation, pleasure, orgasm, cuddling with body parts and intestines, deadly stench...
Here you can listen how it maybe sounds inside the brain of a sick necrophiliac serial killer..

Released on a black tape in a paper box with 4 cards with harsh graphics (18+).

Mu-sick by Vladimír Pavelka (Cult of Fire, Death Karma, Černý Kov ...)

ltd 49x tape
listen and download of bandcamp