štvrtok 8. februára 2018

SKY026_MY LIVE EVIL - Próra v Tyči


„My Live Evil - project created by Miroslav Tóth and Alexander Platzner - is dedicated to infinite layering of extreme saxophone performances and mixing of samples, cut-outs - deformed parts of the highest and lowest musical depths, thus the enrichments of European musical culture. 
Próra v Tyči” is one in the series of My Live Evil’s concerts and definitely the most symphonic one. Title is a reference to “Prora” - a megalomaniac beach resort built by Nazis on a German island Rügen. “What kind of music did the relaxing Nazis listened on the beaches of Baltic Sea, while killing was spreading all around the world?” -that was the basic question and My live Evil presents the answer in the limit of just few minutes, as a complex mix of different musical tendencies. When we founded My Live Evil in 2013, we were anticipating that brown manure was just about to throw up its violent and crazy bullshit by the means of social-political influence. In the end, this work is just re-living of this awe-inspiring trauma, that sadly, we were right that time.
On the album “Próra v tyči” songs like Gainsbourg´s ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, Mesing´s ‘Blutrote Rose’ – favourites of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, or works of Anton Bruckner and Richard Wagner performed by Nazis are set into completely different context. Experienced composers/performers Tóth and Platzner use this disgraced pieces as the basis for layering of robust noise planes, created by saxophones and huge DIY tubes – bazookas.
During the concerts laws of gravitation, as well as the comprehension of performative act were broken by the pole dancer Shiva.“ (miro toth)

anti- graphic from Erik (už bolo dosť/DRÉN).

LTD 100pcs CD in DVD-digipack
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