štvrtok 17. septembra 2015


Stridžie Dni
old school rural Slovak black metal exclusively

From Slovak villages under the Carpathians, where superstitions didn't vanish and where unclean forces hunt over the landscape during witching nights, while drunkards are faltering in the snow – Malokarpatan brings the essence made from the soil of vineyards, from spilled liquor, from the dung of barns and from the embers of wintry fires that scare away the witches. Musically influenced by the first wave of black metal, when the direction of the genre was not yet set by Norwegian bands, "Stridžie dni" are an echo of the past, of the bounds of native province and of the cold nights when only booze heats up. The special package includes also cards with pictures of Slovak folklore masks.  Another, regular CD, tape edition will be out later through Hexencave Productions & Mor Ho! 

ltd 49 x mc