pondelok 1. decembra 2014

SKY002_ENSEMBLE56 - live in Fuga and Tabačka

live in Fuga and Tabačka
free jazz

Ensamble 56 is a live free.jazz collaborative project contains of two polish legends Mietek Gorka (polish jazz band Laboratorium) and  Rafal Mazur  on the drums and on the bass + Slovak saxophonist and composer Miro Toth. This unique trio played last year a tour included two phantastic concerts @Fuga/Bratislava and Tabacka/Kosice. On the cd you can hear records from the both gigs in a very nice quality in a figure of more than 80 minutes of matherial. Prepare your brains and ears!! This is a fat portion of hi- intelectual smooth insanity!!

ltd 99pcs CD