urbanfailure - Random Shadows - vitalweekly - EN

URBANFAILURE - RANDOM SHADOWS (7" lathe cut by Sky Burial Productions/Urb Sounds)

A highly limited lathe cut 7" recorded by Urbanfailure, who ever that might be, and apparently the three pieces on this 7" are all live recorded, which is actually a great achievement. Rhythm plays an important role in these pieces, banging on what seems to be metal percussion feeding through a variety of electronic devices, such as delay and reverb, meanwhile also being picked up by a loop station or two. Maybe even a synthesizer or two for some colouring of the sounds; it is not easy to say, but the end result is quite good. 
There is an old school industrial music texture to these pieces, especially in 'Gridiron Ambience' it bangs around in a heavy manner. 'Standoff Abrupt' has a more modern sound, in which live digital processing plays an important role. 'Consciousness Mismatch' is the shortest of the three pieces and a pretty straightforward rhythm piece, but without the complexity the other two pieces seem to have. Short but great. I wish it had been longer. (FdW)
published - vitalweekly.net